Schuster Windows and Doors have long been the specialist in offering superior double-glazed window and door products. With extensive experience in the building industry in Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, China and Australia, and winning awards for Innovative Design and Energy Efficiency, the Director of Schuster Windows, Mr Herbert Schuster, has a firm standing in and vast knowledge of the Australian and International building industries.

Bringing his vast international experience and expertise, Mr Herbert Schuster of Schuster Windows was the forerunner in quality double-glazing in Australia, becoming renowned for offering double glazed windows and doors of the highest quality in Australia.

Schuster Windows and Doors are an accredited member of the AWA (Australian Window Association) and have achieved the highest rating in the Window Energy Rating Scheme and superior test results for their products. They were also one of only a handful of companies chosen and approved for the Aircraft Noise Insulation Projects in New South Wales and South Australia, becoming the major supplier of quality stand-alone double glazed window and door products in Sydney and in Adelaide.

In order to maintain their position as a market leader in the field, Schuster Windows and Doors are constantly keeping up-to-date with market trends and committed to looking at Europe, the United States and Asia for window and door products and developments in the industry.

Having specialised in timber double glazed doors and windows for over 20 years, Schuster Windows and Doors have now widened their range and are pleased to now also be offering the best solution to weathering and maintenance. With the introduction of the Thermally Broken Aluminium, Timber/Aluminium and uPVC range, customers can be guaranteed of long-term quality products which are maintenance-free, long lasting and which provide maximum convenience. Along with their commitment to offering windows and doors which are energy efficient, provide sound insulation and increased security, Schuster Windows and Doors are proud to provide customers with superior window and door products Australia-wide, happily catering for all tastes and budgets.